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Supply Chain Solutions

Freedom have numerous years experience in assisting customers to position their supply chain for growth . A well managed effective supply chain can be the difference between success and failure, we provide tailored solutions that are built around your business needs.

Every supply chain needs to find the right balance between the demands for speed of transit, freight cost and equipment availability or space. We work with you to understand these levers and to find an effective balance for you.

Our supply chain solutions are built around four key principals – visibility, integration, management and analysis.



Real time tracking by shipment or product order.


System integration for many platforms via EDI or API.


Technology based supply chain management solutions.


Built in business intelligence for making informed decisions.

Freedom Logistics International Ltd

Supply Chain Solutions

Vendor Management

With a supply chain plan we help manage your PO’s and vendors overseas.

Shipment Track & Trace

Online shipment and tracking is available to all Freedom customers.

Customs Clearance

Automated customs clearance, brokerage and duty management plans.

Extended Logistics

Fulfilment, warehousing, distribution and many more extended logistics services.

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